5 Mistakes to Avoid in Real Estate SMS Marketing

Real Estate SMS Marketing



Every real estate SMS marketing team understands the need to communicate with their client with SMS marketing. However, you need to know some mistakes you should avoid in the whole process. Why? Repeating some of these mistakes could turn your efforts into fruitless results. Nobody wants that. That is why this article is here to help you. Here, we shall discuss some common mistakes you need to avoid during real estate SMS marketing.


  1. Avoid Bombarding Customers with Messages

Real estate SMS marketing requires the right timing. Although the frequency is essential, you cannot just bombard your clients with loads of messages. This prompts them to unsubscribe from your list. If your messages do not have a real value that can prompt your clients to take action, then remain silent. You don’t have to send messages when you are not providing your clients with real benefits. Else, you will only annoy your prospect or clients and give them more reasons to stay away from your lists. Hence, send your messages at a periodic time and ensure they are of value to your customers. 


  1. Avoid Slangs or Abbreviations

Real estate marketers cannot use slang or abbreviations when using SMS marketing. Although you have to use 160 characters, you have to keep your messages short. Using slang or abbreviations only puts you at a disadvantage. Why? You may confuse your clients. On other occasions, you can also stop them from understanding your message accurately. If your prospect can’t understand you, then you haven’t performed your real duty. Besides, sending slang or abbreviations could enable them to ignore your message and eventually unsubscribe from your list. To avoid this, you can stay professional and communicate your messages in plain language. 


  1. Include a Clear Call-to-Action

Every marketer, whether real estate or not, understands the importance of adding a clear call to action in their marketing copy. Many people simply like knowing the next step to take after they have seen a marketing copy. As a realtor, you can’t afford to miss the opportunity of not informing your audience. If you don’t inform your customers about their next action, then you haven’t communicated at all. Don’t leave your customers confused. Always tell them what to do. 


  1. Identify Yourself

Like in every other situation in life, you have to introduce yourself when you meet a new person. The same principle applies to real estate SMS Marketing. The best way to gain brand recognition from your client is by informing them about who you are. Once you have identified yourself, other processes become easy. If you are going to include a link in your message, avoid links with unnecessary characters. Have a link that clearly shows your brand name and informs people about who you are. If you fail to identify yourself when sending a message, you could trigger negative responses such as spam or having clients unsubscribe from your lists. 


  1. Avoid Sounding Vague

As you know, the real estate market is overwhelmed with lots of marketing messages. In other words, many of your consumers are over-saturated with different marketing messages sent by various sellers. As a real estate marketer, 

your foremost duty isn’t to go along with the sea. It is to stand out. 


A major way of doing this is to connect with your client through your messages. Let your clients have a personal touch with you. Do not sound like a robot. Although you want to sell your products or services, always remember that they are also humans. Also, personalize their message. Address the recipient by their names and property preferences to let them know the message is truly for them. Avoid the use of redundant words as well. When you do this, you avoid sounding vague to your customers. 



At some point, many real estate marketers are bound to make mistakes. However, you can avoid this problem only when you know about it. At Launch Control, we realize some of these mistakes and give you suggestions on how you can avoid them. 

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