A Detailed Guide To Real Estate SMS Marketing


The beauty of real estate SMS marketing lies in the knowledge of how it works. When you understand the fundamentals of using SMS for every of your real estate campaigns, you’ll be amazed at the consistently positive results.

Realtors always have a pile of requests and issues to attend to as they are touching the property market. This could chunk out most of the time they ought to spend on more personal things. To palliate the stress of running from one point to the other, real estate SMS marketing serves as the solution.

Although not new to the world of real estate, using text messages in a more advanced way, with sophisticated tools makes the journey highly effective and easy. Real estate agents can now rely on a platform like Launch Control to bring ease to their communication with clients and sending of timely promotional messages to prospects.

Relevant Facts

  • Research reveals that 68% of mobile phone users prefer SMS as a means of communication.
  • More than 58 percent of clients stated that they would positively view a business if they offered SMS support.
  • A report from NAR, 2017 shows that more than 62% of home buyers like it when their agents send them information about a property via text message.

How SMS for Real Estate Marketing Works

Real estate SMS marketing may appear to be old, but this marketing tool opens the door to entirely innovation and opportunity for agencies in the real estate market. Real estate SMS marketing is very fast and affordable, effective in building and maintaining solid relationships between buyers, vendors, landlords, brokers, and tenants.

Below are a few factors that positively affect real estate SMS marketing.

Keyword optimization

The start of any serious real estate SMS marketing brand will start with a chosen keyword. The selected keyword must be short, unique, and should be one that is relevant to your business plus it should be memorable. The use of keywords for your real estate campaign makes it much easier for people to opt for your service.

For instance, the keyword “Property Check” will return the home value of a particular property while the keyword “Info” will return more information about your brand to your client.

Automated Response

Another part of real estate SMS marketing that makes this endeavor an interesting and effective one is the integration of auto-reply features. With an automated response system at work, you can now save more time to focus on things that matter. Automated responses are text messages that are prewritten, to be engaged when your client uses a particular keyword.

Bulk SMS

Sending bulk SMS is a good way to increase the number of people you engage with property information as well as other important announcements. This feature allows you to write out a message and then send it out as a broadcast to a list of prospects or clients.

Advantages of Using SMS For Real Estate Campaigns

We’re in a digital age where embracing vast innovations with an assurance of stunning results is gradually becoming the norm. The use of SMS in the real estate world comes with several positives that you can only imagine. A few of them include;

  • The quick attraction of buyers
  • Ability to connect to clients effortlessly
  • Saves you money and time
  • Comes as an improvement to personalized services
  • Helps to convert leads

Launch Control: The Best Real Estate SMS Message Marketing Service

Making use of an ideal platform that will meet every of your real estate needs is no doubt a huge investment to make. Launch Control is a platform that allows you to send multiple text messages to your SMS list of clients at an affordable price. Our real estate SMS service empowers agents to reach out to prospects in a cost-effective way with advanced tools and features that will increase engagement.


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