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5 Standout Features of the Best SMS App for Realtors


SMS App For Realtors


Did you know that 77% of people prefer receiving texts to receiving calls from realtors? Many may think that calling provides a personal touch because you speak to your clients directly. But suppose your client is busy in a meeting or on vacation. That isn’t the right time to converse with them over the phone. Instead, you can send a text, and the client would get back to you at his most convenient time. But what app should you use to send automatic texts to your clients? Launch Control, for one, is an excellent app that offers an all-in-one facility to reach out to prospective home buyers.


Highest converting app for realtors


The sole purpose of sending text messages to clients is to convert them into customers. Sometimes you send reminder messages so that clients can get back regarding any inquiry they made earlier. But it is difficult to find an app that ensures a high conversion rate. That’s where Launch Control proves everyone wrong. It is the best for a reason. This app offers the highest conversion rate among all messaging apps for realtors. If you are new in the real estate market, you should use Launch Control to reach your target audience.


Best features of Launch Control


There is hardly any messaging app that matches Launch Control when it comes to features. This one keeps all your business contacts under one place and keeps your property details and analytics organized. Here are some of the highlights of the app that will compel you to install it immediately:


  1. All-in-one platform


As already mentioned, Launch Control has everything under its hood, making it the ideal messaging app for realtors. It is a TCPA-compliant revolutionary platform. This means you don’t need to get TCPA permission before using Launch Control. It also comes with an all-in-one messaging dashboard. This dashboard contains information like sent messages, un replied messages and many more features.


Additionally, you get a proprietary-routing algorithm that ensures a high conversion rate for your clients. Launch Control also updates your contact list so that you can send messages to both new and old clients, depending on their requirements. It provides drip campaigns to make your SMS campaigns more fruitful. 


  1. Analytics and KPI dashboard


How do you assess the success of your Real Estate SMS marketing campaigns? Launch Control’s analytics would provide a one-touch report on all your marketing campaigns and the conversions you made in one week, month, and year. You can select your campaigns’ key performing indexes and compare the results with what you want. Some of the benefits of analytics and KPI dashboard are as follows:


  • Analyze KPIs for respective batches.
  • Track campaign performances and compare them with previous campaigns.
  • Detailed reports of total leads and response rates.
  • A/B message split tests.
  • Acquisition rep tracking.
  • Breakdown of analytics per day, week, and month.


  1. Premium Skip Tracing


Realtors want to narrow down their clients to those who want to buy or sell properties immediately. This allows them to focus on clients that would respond to their texts. Fortunately, Launch Control offers Premium Skip Tracing that covers all these features.


  • Email address append.
  • Direct access from a national data warehouse.
  • Real-time results.
  • Pay per match only facility.
  • Spend only $0.15 per record.
  • Make matches up to 98%, which is the highest among other apps.
  • Get credit bureau quality data.


  1. Built-in property details


With its built-in property details, Launch Control is now the industry leader in property research and client engagement. It covers a wide range of topics, such as property details, mortgage amounts, street view, tax information, comparable sales, and transaction history.


The app shows essential property details like legal description, owner name, number of beds and bathrooms, lot size, and accurate square footage. You can also look at both primary and secondary mortgages, including loan type, date financed, loan amount, and lender information. In fact, the app also has Google Map that can provide an accurate route to your destination. 


  1. Pricing


Launch Control is undoubtedly the best text messaging app for realtors. It has three packages that you can choose from depending on the size of your business. The Lite package costs $297 per month. It includes 1 market, 2,500 monthly contacts, $0.15 skip trace per match, and 15 local phone numbers. The Core package costs $497 per month. You get 10,000 monthly contacts, 1 market, $0.15 skip trace per match, and 30 local phone numbers. Lastly, there is the PRO package costing $997 per month. This package offers 25,000 monthly contacts, 60 local phone numbers, 2 markets, and a $0.15 skip trace per match. These packages include Podio integration, analytics, and KPI dashboard, unlimited drip campaigns, unlimited property details, unlimited text messages, and free blacklist alliance litigator scrub.


If you want to take your real estate business to the next level, start using Launch Control immediately to reach out to potential clients.


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