Do Real Estate Investors Need Text Message Marketing?

As A Real Estate Investor You Even Need Text Message Marketing?

A real estate agent is much more than a basic property seller. After all, being able to establish a good working relationship with both a buyer and a seller can be essential to succeeding at being a real estate agent. An agent typically needs to be an expert negotiator for its clients. However, more importantly, they need to be able to effectively market themselves.


There are very few times when sales happen without a lot of effort. Because we are in such a highly competitive and fast-paced marketplace, it’s more important than ever to use every possible channel to acquire and nurture leads. Because we live in the digital age, consumers have become much more accustomed to getting their information and researching buying decisions through the Internet. Likewise, marketers have become much more adept at utilizing online advertising and marketing strategies to reach prospective customers. Thus, you may forget to utilize some of the more direct and traditional marketing methods. One of the best strategies that you might be missing out on would be text message marketing. 


In general, text message marketing happens to be one of the best ways to reach a prospect. After all, it is delivered instantly and the majority of text messages are read within as little as 4 minutes. Everyone has a smartphone and using a text message platform can help you reach them instantly. Are you interested in learning further? Continue reading and you will understand the true potential of text message marketing for real estate agents.


  1. Good Opening Percentage


You will find a lot of the text messages sent are opened within the first 4 minutes of being sent. Thus, the information that you are looking to deliver will end up being read by your prospects much quicker than through other means. Another benefit is the decreased competition you will be competing with. After all, fewer businesses and agents are using text message marketing than email marketing. Therefore, their SMS inbox will be far less cluttered as a result. When they get a text message, they are much more likely to view it. Whereas, there is so much spam being sent through email that a lot of people rarely look at all of their emails. 


Studies have shown that a lot of people would prefer to get sent text messages over emails. One of the main reasons for this has to do with our decreased attention span and having such a direct message. With text messages, you can get straight to the point much quicker and people like that.


  1. More Personal


Another good thing about text message marketing has to do with the personal feel of it. Apart from SMS being a vital component of our day to day life, they are also much more personal than emails. Emails have become so impersonal because we get them from everyone. A lot of businesses are sending out blasts that are so impersonal that they’ve become less personal as a mode of communication. Whereas, the majority of text messages being sent are from friends, family members, and close contacts. Therefore, people have come to expect text messages to be much more personal than emails. 


Along with this, text messages are much easier to read than emails. Typically, you will find people ignoring or simply not responding to marketing emails. With text messages, they are much more likely to engage or respond due to the personal nature and how natural it feels. With text messaging, you can get across information much quicker and it offers a much more optimal form of communication due to the speedy delivery. The opposite is true with emails.


  1. It’s Cost-Effective


You will find an SMS campaign to be much more cost-effective than some of the other options available. Because of this, you will want to integrate it into your marketing mix. You will find that when a person sees your message with a text message, they will be much more likely to interact with it or respond to it. Whereas, with an email, there is a lot more effort involved which can decrease the conversions you can make. 


Bulk text messages are much easier to send and they are not going to cost you much. Thus, it can offer a very favorable return on your investment. You will typically be charged for this type of service based on the total number of texts you send. Along with this, you will be able to monitor everything and categorize everything based on all of the information you were able to ascertain from each campaign. This can help to optimize your efforts even further. 


The Bottom Line


Real Estate Text message marketing can be one of the best and most cost-effective strategies that you can integrate into your marketing mix. It has become an essential tool for the digital age real estate agent. Not only can it help you market to customers, but it can help you send reminders for appointments and even plan showings with them. It can be a very cost-effective strategy to send out marketing information to interested prospects and they are much more effective than emails.


SMS marketing can help you maximize your marketing efforts and allow you to reach prospects in a new and much more effective way. Launch Control is one of the best platforms you can use. It’s an affordable and useful tool that will allow you to have a competitive advantage over competing real estate agents in your area.


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