How to Use a Skip Tracing Real Estate App to Get Hot Leads


Skip tracing real estate is one of the most effective ways of attaining long-term success for individual investors as well as corporate organizations. 


In response to the aggressiveness of the real estate market, reputable platforms like Launch Control provide real estate moguls with a way to bypass the market competition and make a huge profit from untapped market areas. As an investor in the real estate sector, it is your primary objective to fish out the best market deals which will result in the realization of profit

With skip tracing, you not only get the best deals, but you also come into an economy of “no competition”. Whether you’re a certified real estate investor looking for greener pastures in your adventure, or you’re just an enthusiast, this guide will provide you with the best tips on how to use a skip tracing real estate app to get hot leads.

Using a Good Skip Tracing Real Estate App to Get Hot Leads

Finding an app with all the benefits of skip tracing for real estate investors should not be a problem as there is a long list of them out there. You are advised to carry out due diligence by ensuring that the one you settle for ticks all the right boxes.

Amongst all things, the app should be able to help get you hot leads at the very least. This is very crucial and from our findings, we have realized that Launch Control is very high up on the list of options to be considered. Quite a lot of people like you have made use of this app and have seen remarkable results.


How Launch Control Helps You Get Hot Leads

  • Easy Setup

It does not take forever to get your account on this result-yielding skip tracing platform up and running. This can happen in as little as 2 minutes as you would be asked a couple of important questions. Some of these questions will also help determine the kind of leads that will be generated so you should be as honest as possible while answering them. For example, you would be asked about your target market; the marketing channels that you utilize – direct mail, text messaging, RVM, bandit signs, cold calling; amongst other things.

  • Compliance

In the bid to achieve success with skip tracing; you should not cross certain legal and/or ethical lines. Using the right platform for skip tracing will make this possible and even easier.

With an app like Launch Control, you have a revolutionary platform that complies with the TCPA and other regulatory dictates. In other words, you have little or nothing to worry about attracting penalties.

  • Data from the Right and Real-Time Source

You do not want to make decisions in the real estate market based on obsolete information. This is why you can only afford to work with a skip tracing app that offers the right and real-time information. Fortunately, you are guaranteed this with Launch Control.

This is especially given where the information they source for you are gotten from. For instance, the National Data Warehouse is a reliable source and is one of the sources from where information is gotten from.

  • Quick Results

Time is of the essence in the real estate market and this is why skip tracing real estate apps that offer credible information in good time should be cherished. Competitors outplay each other in the market for reasons such as getting access to a property owner’s contact information soon enough.

This is why skip tracing real estate apps need to measure up to standard in terms of offering the needed results as soon as possible. You get this with an app like Launch Control. In a matter of minutes, the needed information is live. This is a lot better than waiting for hours and even days as some real estate agents and realtors have to go through.



There is rising competition in the real estate market. The competition is on two ends. One has to do with the players in the form of real estate agents and realtors like you. The other has to do with the scarcity of properties or desired properties.

This is why you need to make the most of apps like Launch Control which give you an edge in this competitive market. In light of what you have seen from the details shared above, you should make the most of this app.


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