Introducing the Launch Mastermind Series, Volume 1


Top real estate investors are leveraging SMS engagement tactics to drive more deals toward closing each month. But as you may know, every investor has their own “secret sauce” to keep the deals flowing. SMS best practices are a major component, but aren’t you curious about adding more secret sauce to your own recipe?

TLDR; You can sign up now to be part of the live Mastermind session on 2/22 at 1pm ET. You’ll gain insight into investing in multiple markets. Signup using the form below.

The Mastermind Series

That’s why we’re launching a new Mastermind series to help our REIs and deliver more value to our growing family. Each mastermind call will feature a top REI who will walk through what works, what they’re best at and how you can learn from their experience


Want to be part of something special and add to your own “secret sauce” for your REI business? You can join us for a session, or every part of the monthly series. We’re starting with a focus on investing in multiple markets.


Multi-Market Mastery | Feb. 22nd, 1pm ET

We’ll be kicking things off with co-host Lauren Swedenborg from Rebuilt Realty to discuss the roadmap for expansion into new markets. 🛣

Join us for this first session on Wednesday, February 22nd at 1pm ET, featuring Lauren Swedenborg, Director of Project Management at Rebuilt Realty and Katherine Aston, Director of Customer Experience at Launch Control. 


Creating a Multi-Market System

No matter if you’re new to real estate investing or already growing and expanding operations, the topic of creating a multiple-market system applies to all. More markets = more opportunities = more deals! 

Gain an inside understanding of what it takes to structure a high volume team, track KPIs and manage an SMS engagement flow.


Who should attend?

  • Launch Control users looking to improve multi-market operations
  • Investors seeking competitive edge on investing in multiple markets
  • Any REIs looking to learn more SMS Engagement strategies for multi-markets

What is a mastermind?

Still not sure if this is for you? Great, let’s dig a little deeper. We’re opening up access to a mastermind, but what is it? And why should you care?

A mastermind is a collective community of like-minded people who come together to provide feedback and direction for one another. It’s like a board of directors, but for entrepreneurs and investors.

Think, connections, tips, feedback—bet you thought I was gonna say tricks? No tricks here, just value.

The Launch Mastermind Series will lay the groundwork for REIs to discuss industry trends, share knowledge, and support each other in their business ventures. The goal of the mastermind is to help its members grow their businesses and achieve greater success by leveraging the collective expertise and experience of the group.

Because members will be coming from various backgrounds and areas of specialty within the real estate industry (agents, brokers, investors, lenders, and contractors, among others), we’ll keep evolving the topics to provide value to all of you.


Where can I participate?

Top real estate investors who are also Launchers can view the livestream in our exclusive Facebook group, or join the call to participate. There’ll be a live Q&A portion baked into the agenda to give investors a chance to ask their burning questions.

If you’re not a Launch Control user, get started today, or fill out the form above to join the session.


What will you be talking about?

We’re focusing on multiple markets for the first session. If you’re an investor already in multiple markets, come hear from a top performer–you just might get some great ideas to help you grow.

Not yet investing in multiple markets? This is still for you.

Hear us out. When you get your routine down and have a solid foundation, you could be ready to expand your footprint. Whether you’re at that point already or looking down the road, participating in a mastermind will help you grow.

They’re going to lay down the roadmap for expanding your business into new markets. Expand your knowledge, expand your business. Win. Win.

Sign up with the form above to unlock the meeting link to join in.

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