Real Estate Text Message Prospecting An Expert Guide


The Expert Guide For Real Estate Text Message Prospecting

According to a recent report published by the National Association of Realtors, 62{6f01c07ef2b53e84cf3311efebcdc8c7f64a85ed3b9048bc5a69ad94b25eda4e} of home buyers prefer their real estate agents send property details and other real estate information via text message. So we have created this brief guide to For Real Estate Text Message Prospecting.

Mobile marketing – even for real estate agents – is a red-hot topic, and text messaging is increasingly becoming the preferred form of communication between businesses and consumers. Numbers don’t lie, and as you’ve seen, a whopping 62{6f01c07ef2b53e84cf3311efebcdc8c7f64a85ed3b9048bc5a69ad94b25eda4e} of your target market would rather text with you for scheduling than by email. Here are three top reasons why consumers sign up for a brand’s text messages:

– Being updated (48{6f01c07ef2b53e84cf3311efebcdc8c7f64a85ed3b9048bc5a69ad94b25eda4e})
– More relevant content (33{6f01c07ef2b53e84cf3311efebcdc8c7f64a85ed3b9048bc5a69ad94b25eda4e})
– Deals (77{6f01c07ef2b53e84cf3311efebcdc8c7f64a85ed3b9048bc5a69ad94b25eda4e})
– No need to visit website/app/physical location for information (31{6f01c07ef2b53e84cf3311efebcdc8c7f64a85ed3b9048bc5a69ad94b25eda4e})

As a real estate investor, agent, or broker, you play different roles: educator, negotiator, local friendly neighborhood guide, and, more importantly, a marketer. Whether you’re looking to grow a client’s portfolio or facilitate a sale or purchase of a property, every successful real estate transaction begins with a single contact. This is precisely why it’s crucial you follow up with leads as quickly and subtly as possible. Text messaging is a very effective, practical, easy, and surprisingly fun way for you to communicate with your tribe.

Why Text Message Prospecting?

Buzz. Your phone vibrates, alerting you undeniably to the fact that you’ve just received an SMS. Regardless of what you’re doing or where you are, whether you’re in a meeting, on a date, heck, even in the bathroom, you can not help but reach out for the device and take a quick peek. There’s something about text messages that unconsciously sparks your curiosity and demands your attention.

Unlike a phone call from an unknown number – which is quickly rejected – the power of SMS marketing in real estate is irrefutable.

Why Real Estate SMS Marketing Is Effective

Here’s a fun way to test the effectiveness of text message prospecting. At your next meet-up with your friends or colleagues, ask them how they feel about businesses, including real estate firms, using SMS for prospecting. Then, take a step back and watch what happens next. The chances are that you’ll see mixed reactions. Still, you’ll also learn something: SMS is the go-to medium for communicating with friends, family, and colleagues and a “secure and restricted zone” that is not affected by spam or outside influence. The fact that text messaging is personal and considered a haven by consumers is what makes it an undeniably powerful channel for you to get the attention of prospects.

Remember, you’re busy, and so is everyone else. Modern living means little time to stay on the phone with clients, and clients don’t have time to read through emails. Statistically, reaching out to prospects using SMS is far more effective than sending them an email or leaving a voice message.

Here are other text message stats that should help you understand why text messaging prospecting for real estate works and why it’s a must-have in 2020:

– Your tribe will definitely read what you send them – The open rate for SMS is 98{6f01c07ef2b53e84cf3311efebcdc8c7f64a85ed3b9048bc5a69ad94b25eda4e}.
– Stay ahead of your competition – About 95{6f01c07ef2b53e84cf3311efebcdc8c7f64a85ed3b9048bc5a69ad94b25eda4e} of realtors don’t use SMS to communicate with their clients.
– Because there are over 200 million smartphone users in the country
– 75{6f01c07ef2b53e84cf3311efebcdc8c7f64a85ed3b9048bc5a69ad94b25eda4e} of consumers say they prefer SMS over other forms of communication. Did you know that email marketing has a low average open rate of 14.79?

Quick Real Estate Text Message Marketing Tips For 2020

While it’s clear that real estate text message prospecting is effective, there are tips to make the most of the strategy. They include:

– Always Get Permission First:
– Don’t Spam Your Clients:
– Respect Consumer Privacy: Buying a ton of phone numbers and then sending texts to each is frowned upon and will probably yield similar results to a failed email campaign. Respect your client’s privacy and before you text them, make sure you have a specific purpose.
– Identify Yourself: It’s good etiquette to always let your clients know who you are. Include your name and firm at the top of the text.
– Be Brief: Get straight to the point and make sure to use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling without rambling.
– Avoid Abbreviations: Abbreviations are unprofessional and too familiar. Besides, they can be confusing to people who are not savvy to real estate and short-form texting lingo.
– The Message Matters: Your message must provide value to the recipient.

How To Get Started Immediately With Real Estate Text Message Prospecting

Are you ready to take your real estate game to the next level with text message prospecting? Of course, you are! The next step is to pick a suitable platform to run your SMS marketing campaign. Many real estate people make the mistake of not automating and having a system in place. These are crucial because they map out a funnel for your text prospecting campaign. An excellent platform to consider is Launch Control.

Launch Control provides real estate professionals with a text message (SMS and MMS) marketing system designed to help them cultivate better relationships with clients and streamline follow-ups. Send your clients from up to 60 virtual digital local numbers! It offers many other features, including acquisition rep tracking, daily, weekly & monthly breakdown, scheduling, keyword signups, and more.

Bottom Line…

Ultimately, text message prospecting can help real estate professionals interact more seamlessly with their clients, provide effective customer service, garner more leads, and potentially earn a healthy client base. Text message prospecting is, therefore, a strategy that real estate professionals shouldn’t overlook.


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