How to get the most of your SMS marketing strategy with CRM


Why SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is arguably the most cost effective and highest response channel available today for reaching prospects directly where they’re already active: their smartphone message inbox. With the right strategy, you can use your SMS marketing platform to generate more deals per month, or power up your strategy by combining it with your existing CRM. Read on to learn more. (Or, if you landed here looking for more info on why to use SMS marketing, check out The Benefits of SMS Marketing, or Can I scale My Business with SMS marketing?)  

What is CRM?

A CRM is a client relationship management system, usually a piece of software that functions as a master database for managing the lifecycle of a prospect–from marketing and sales through client success and retention. Traditionally a CRM is used by a minimum of three core departments or business areas: sales, marketing, and support (or client services/client success). Not all businesses use CRMs, but many use a platform that functions as their CRM database. Additionally, a CRM may be useful across all areas of a business, including accounting or services, though separate business systems often cross-populate data from a CRM or directly integrate, including accounting/ERP or human resources systems (hint: think quoting, invoicing and other documents your business uses).  

Can I use Launch Control as my CRM?

As you scale your business, your needs might change. Launch Control is the #1 SMS engagement platform for text marketing. It gives you the right tools to market to your lists to create true engagement. With Launch, message limits only apply to initial outreach, with all replies and follow-ups included outside of monthly limits. Now you may be asking, what does this have to do with a CRM? Great question. Launch Control gives you an organized layout to reach out to your prospects. This includes initial and drip messages as well as messaging for retargeting, tagging contacts appropriately, and working your inbox replies to generate deals.  

Launch Control

Much like a traditional CRM, Launch Control has all key data built into the system—names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, property details, and more. Plus the system for tagging and categorizing your contacts allows you to keep track of each contact in your pipeline. Once a contact is ready to work with you for a deal, you might decide to take your conversation to another channel, such as phone and email. Or, you can continue to update the record in Launch Control, effectively using it as your CRM.  In addition, Launch Control’s strategic platform also integrates with many popular CRM software applications if you prefer to keep your Launch inbox to daily prospecting only, and your deals and clients elsewhere. Using Zapier connections or direct API integrations, you can push a contact to your CRM with a push of a button. Now that you understand the basics, let’s talk strategy.  

Getting the most out of SMS and CRM

SMS engagement is all about getting a reply and hooking them into a conversation. You want to be personal, to the point, and relevant. To close a deal, you need to move your messaging convo in the right direction to make it over to your CRM to manage your new client. It’s all about the strategy, baby. Like any business, once a conversation or marketing response turns into an opportunity, you may want to track all the subsequent transactions in your CRM. This could be when a prospect shows interest in your offer. Or, you might have generated responses from a drip campaign and therefore plan to remove them from the drip automation campaign. Another example, a person responded to you from another channel and you simply do not want to prospect to them anymore or send the wrong type of message. Each of these scenarios is a case you may want to push to CRM.  

When to push to CRM

In each of these cases, you’ll want that lead’s info in your CRM to track your process from opportunity to (hopefully) close. Usually the situation will be one of the following:
  • Text conversation is ready to close a deal
  • Text engagement leads to a phone call
  • Same contact already exists and responded to other marketing channels
  • Deal closed or opportunity won
Sounds easy, right? It could be, if you’re using Launch Control.  

Focus on the Inbox

Again, it all boils down to strategy. Launch Control gives you more than just a platform for SMS CRM. Our inbox-focused design helps you manage conversations in real time, with quick replies, tagging. Plus, you get all the insight needed to get into a routine for delivering multiple deals every month. Getting started with Launch means you’ll get to meet our lovely success team–they know just what it takes to close deals and keep deliverability and response rates high.   And speaking of response rates, do you know where Launch Control ranks? Yep–you guessed right: the highest in the biz of SMS engagement. But our clients perform best when using all the available strategy and resources Launch provides.  

Using your CRM to Boost SMS Marketing Campaigns

Best Practices – What’s the Deal?

If your goal is to close more deals, check out our strategy for lean marketing with SMS engagement. In addition to mining your CRM for data you already own, to set up retargeting SMS texting campaigns, you’ll get the inside scoop on SMS versus other marketing channels in terms of level of effort and costs.    Your CRM, if you’re using one, can work hand-in-hand with your text marketing strategy and platform to help you close more deals and keep all your clients and prospects organized and on the right path.   Any leads from marketing channels aside from SMS can be retargeted through a text marketing campaign to reignite conversations and warm up opportunities. And, you can easily push data into your CRM once it meets the right criteria.  

SMS Marketing & CRM: a Dynamic Duo

Now that you have a better concept of SMS marketing platforms working with a CRM to close more deals, consider your options. When it comes to SMS engagement marketing, Launch Control has it all: the strategy, proven content and SMS templates, opportunities to work with our highly effective Success Team, and so much more. When you become a Launcher, you unlock a think tank behind everything that goes into crafting a routine that cultivates deals. In addition, the strategy extends beyond the texting platform. Launchers also gain access to a private FaceBook group to network with other top investors nationwide. What will you choose to do with your future SMS CRM platforms? Schedule a call to learn more.

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