SMS Vs. Email For Realtors


SMS Vs. Email For Realtors which is best?

Sms vs email for realtors

When it comes to being a realtor or a real estate investor, the goal is to better understand your options when it comes to communication. 


You will want a seasoned solution that is straight to the point and effective when it comes to the underlying metrics.


This is where you will come across two options that are often given importance by realtors. The two options include SMS messaging and email messaging.


Here is a detailed comparison of the two options, what they have to offer, and where the differences lie when it is time to make a choice.


Open Rate 


When a message is sent, the goal is to get the individual to at least open what has been sent in their direction. This is the bare minimum.


With SMS messaging for realtors, the open rate tends to hover around 98%, which is an exceptional number. In comparison, you are not going to see a similar open rate with email messaging. Instead, the open rate is going to be around 20%. 


This is a major difference-maker for those who want to make sure they are finding the right fit and seeing appropriate results for the time they are putting into a campaign moving forward.




Engagement is the name of the game, but you also have to think about deliverability.


This means how many messages go through to the recipient and are eventually opened. You will want to make sure the messages are actually getting to where they need to as that is the first step in the process. Until you are sure of this, you won’t see appropriate results.


With SMS messaging for realtors, the deliverability goes through the roof because most people are on their phones during the day.


In comparison, the same doesn’t apply to email messaging. 


Click Rate 


Let’s imagine a message is sent through and the goal is to get the individual to click.


This is going to be a key detail to think about while contemplating between the two options. SMS messaging is all about having a higher click rate in comparison to email marketing.


SMS messaging has a click rate of 29% in comparison to 2.5% with email messages.


Just having the ability to see such an increased click rate is impossible to beat and something that is going to bring a smile to your face as a realtor. You will know the results are going to be there from day one and you are going to gain traction on the open market.




SMS messaging is not as saturated and for the average person, this is essential over the long-term. If you are setting up a messaging solution, you will want to make sure it is not bothering those receiving the messages and everything is being done professionally.


Saturation is a real concern with email marketing because everyone is using that platform.


SMS messaging is a lot better in terms of saturation and offers exceptional value for your investment. This is something to keep in mind when comparing the two options available to you as a modern realtor.


Response Rate 


The response rate is always going to be an integral detail to think about when it comes to understanding your options as a realtor. It’s recommended to look at the response rate with SMS messaging because it comes down to efficiency. 


Based on research, SMS messaging tends to get a response rate of 90 seconds. This is incredibly fast in comparison to anything else on the market because people are always looking at their phones. Just getting a text message will get them to respond immediately.


In comparison, something like email marketing takes a response rate of approximately 90 minutes on average. 




One of the key details to think about as a realtor is the budgeting that plays a role in an investment of this nature. You are running an active business making it essential to have a budget-friendly solution that is going to yield results throughout the year.


This is why more and more people are leaning towards SMS messaging.


It is renowned for being far more cost-efficient than running an email campaign. The moment an email list begins to grow large, the rates skyrocket and those become difficult to manage especially with a reduction in the open rate.


Final Thoughts


When it comes to maintaining an open line of communication for realtors, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of each method. 


With SMS and email, it’s recommended to look at the value of active SMS messaging. It allows you to quickly send targeted messages that are likely to be opened and are going to have a much higher conversion rate. This is essential over the long-run for the average realtor.


If you want great results, it is best to start with a high-quality platform such as Launch Control.

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