Text Messaging Scripts for Real Estate Agents



Building Text Messaging Scripts for Real Estate Agents

text messaging for real estate scripts

It is often assumed text messaging is all about doing the bare minimum and hoping for results. This couldn’t be further from the truth as there is a science to this madness. There is a way of doing things the right way and seeing an increase in your conversion rate.


While SMS messaging has a great open rate across the board, it is still important to think about how to structure your text messaging to see results.


Here is a look at what a good text messaging script should entail and why it is important to think about this element of the process. 


  1. Personalization 


The first thing your text messaging script has to include will be a personalized layout.


This means you are going to include key details such as their name, neighborhood, and other details that will help customize what type of message they are getting.


It should never come across as being generic.  


With a quality text messaging platform such as Launch Control, you can set up these scripts right away. Just use the identifiers and you are going to be well on your way to see amazing results. This is the real beauty of text messaging scripts and what they bring to the table for realtors or real estate investors.


  1. Emotional Triggers


When it comes to real estate, you have to realize there is ongoing demand because this is a part of life most people want to focus on at one point or another.


Some will want to sell and others will want to buy.


The goal is to hit those emotional triggers that are going to get people intrigued. For example, if you want someone to sell, you can talk about the difficulties of doing it on their own. You can mention inefficiencies that pop up through your texts.


Just having this information out there in front of them will make a difference. Your script has to be tailored to showcase these concerns and that can be done with emotional words that will get to the individual that is reading your messages. 


  1. Success Stories


With a text messaging script, you should have one eye on getting the recipient involved in your successes. This is how they are going to realize you are a professional option and one that is proving to be a good one in the market.


If they see your successes, they will know you are not just testing things out through them. 


Look at your successes, build scripts around showcasing these wins, and then let them know how they can join in on the fun!


This is how SMS messaging can push things to the next level for your business operations. If not, you could be missing out on new clients. 


  1. Follow-Ups


Are you taking time to create follow-up scripts as a realtor?


The goal is to not only have a personalized script setup based on the individual’s name, region, and requirements, but also to get back to them later on. 


This means when they don’t respond, you have a follow-up to see whether or not they are still interested. In fact, you should have a separate script for those who do respond. This is how you are going to streamline the process and see impressive returns over the long haul.


A lot of realtors don’t do this with SMS messaging and that is what leads to inefficiencies. 


  1. Updates 


Updates are important because you want there to be a constant connection maintained with the recipient. This is something realtors don’t do enough and that is why it holds them back. You want to understand the value of making sure there is a connection that is in place with your recipient at all times.


One of the best ways to do this is to provide little updates.


It could be about the market rates, your successes, and/or what the firm is doing. Just having this information out there will do wonders for your setup.


You are going to see people realizing you are the real deal and it is going to build brand awareness. Plus, you won’t come across like you are being “salesy” and that alone does stand out.


Final Thoughts


If you are focused on text messaging scripts for real estate agents, you need to learn how to implement the tips listed above. With the help of these scripts and a powerful platform such as Launch Control, you are going to be trending in the right direction and the results will be impressive.


It is all about focusing on what works and then implementing a strategy that will yield results.


When you use the right type of text messaging scripts for realtors, you are going to see impressive results right away. This is what makes them a monumental tool to have up your sleeve as a realtor.


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