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Skip tracing is very important to consider if you need to obtain leads for your real estate business. It’s important to work with a professional business. Automation is the key to finding the best clients that will lead you to sellers. Most people know that sending a text message is one of the easiest ways to contact people and get a response immediately. However, you need to do this properly to avoid the potential of predatory litigation that can happen if you are sending your text messages to the wrong people. This is why you should consider working with Launch Control, the best wholesale real estate lead generation company online.


Why Skip Tracing Matters For Real Estate Text Messaging


An All-In-One Platform


People that are trying to purchase real estate, or sell properties, often use a multitude of different services. If you are doing text message marketing, you know that it can be very expensive and confusing when using different services that are needed. That’s why working with this business will allow you to synchronize all of your efforts on a single TCPA compliant platform. They offer an all in one messaging dashboard, a proprietary routing algorithm, and local phone numbers that you can use as well. Even better, they have drip campaigns and offer one click Podio push notifications. Finally, they also offer litigator scrubbing services to protect you financially.


Premium Litigator Scrubbing


It is vitally important that the list of numbers that you have do not invariably lead to a predatory litigator. These are individuals that will pursue you and your company for simply having sent them a single text message. By offering premium litigator scrubbing services, for all of their subscription packages, this enables you to even use your own lists. Combined with being TCPA compliant, Blacklist Alliance offers you the most effective and comprehensive solution with a total of five levels of defense.


Analytics And KPI Dashboard


Once you have started sending your text messages out, it’s good to track your overall performance. You can monitor each and every campaign that you are sending out, plus you can analyze the KPI for every batch that you use. There is also acquisition rep tracking, split testing, and you will know exactly what your response rates and lead totals will be. The breakdown can be observed looking at daily, weekly, and monthly results so that you will know which campaigns are the most profitable.


Has Skip Tracing Worked For Other People?


This has worked for their clients. People are reporting, on average, an increase of over 300% per deal in revenue. Clients have also seen an ROI of over 100%. Most significantly, there is a decrease in the lead to deal time. This is an astounding 70% increase over normal. Combine that with premium skip tracing with a 98% match rate, you really can find a better service that can offer you such outstanding results.


Skip Tracing And More


This wholesale real estate lead generation company also offers the very best skip tracing services. At a cost of only $0.15 for each record, it is a very affordable way to get quality data. They also do credit bureau data quality searches, pay per match only searches, and you can get live results in just minutes. They extract everything directly from a national data warehouse and every address will have an email address appended to the result. This is why working with this business can be so profitable for you. It’s hard to find, collectively, all of these services in one location. However, you also need to realize that the cost per deal comparison is really why people see the value in using Launch Control as their #1 choice in text messaging for real estate professionals.


Cost Per Deal Comparison Overview


When you think about traditional advertising in the real estate industry, most people think of cold calling. However, if you are outsourcing this to a company, the results can be poor, and the cost can be astronomical. It’s even more expensive when you are using direct mail, and PPC advertising is likely the most expensive way to find potential leads. However, sending out text messages is not only easier to do, but you will find people much more receptive to this form of marketing. When comparing the cost per deal using text message marketing, you can see the value of using this type of service.


After assessing all of the services offered on this platform, you may realize that this wholesale real estate lead generation service is exactly what you need. Launch Control is a company that you can trust to provide you with accurate information. If you have been struggling to find potential sellers for your real estate business, you need to look no further than this reliable business. The key to success in the real estate industry is to target people with text message marketing. To find out more information about the services offered by Launch Control, please contact us today to learn how you can get started.

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