Ultimate Guide on Using Skip Tracing Real Estate App


Continue with this guide and you will have more understanding of how skip tracing real estate app is a useful device to get the best market offer.

Right from the start, real estate has always been viewed from the standpoint of land acquisition and management of several buildings. While this may be the case, there’s another angle to real estate that most investors have not taken cognizance of, which is lead acquisition.

Acquiring leads may sound absurd and unfit to be tagged with real estate, but is the backbone of building a successful Investment career on a long-term basis. When personally scouting for a property listing becomes tedious, skip tracing comes to ease the burden and assures you of better days ahead.

Should skip tracing appear to be a difficult feat to attain, you have come to the right place. 

Launch Control Skip Tracing Real Estate App

Skip tracing real estate leads is the method of locating owners of property who are likely to be distressed sellers. In an attempt to fish out these homeowners, real estate agents, as well as estate experts, will find a better way to go about investing in a home listing.

Launch Control provides real estate investors who are seeking to put their money into profitable listings with flawless skip tracing applications. Harnessing the power of skip tracing starts with becoming familiar with how this method is potent in acquiring vital information from motivated sellers that may be very hard to locate.

When absentee homeowners tend to get out of reach, skip tracing becomes the last resort, and to get this right is to allow Launch Control to increase your chances of getting the best home sale deal around you.

How to Use Launch Control Skip Tracing Real Estate App

Are you prepared to perform a skip trace using Launch Control’s effective real estate application? Below are five (5) simple steps that will help you nail a juicy deal, using skip tracing real estate applications.

Ready Your Plan

Prior proper preparation, they say, produces good performance. As you seek to make better use of skip tracing via the Launch Control platform, there must be a strategic plan put in place. You may begin by knowing the intention of your skip trace before you proceed to make other choices.

Craft a follow-up method that would take effect once you have identified your target home sellers. After doing everything you deem necessary, you can then proceed to carry out your research.

Do Your Research

What follows shortly after you’re done putting a good skip tracing plan in place is to launch research that aims at acquiring the names of potential home sellers around you. Your objective is to pop up sellers who are either faced with foreclosure, are delinquent on their taxes, or are absentee landlords.

Tip: Social media could be a good way of acquiring leads for skip tracing using the Launch Control platform.

Organize Your List

Now you have your list of potential motivated sellers right in front of you. One vital step not to miss is sorting out your list. Prepare a format that you can easily share with the Launch Control skip tracer application.


Everything is now set at this point and all you need to do is upload your list of leads gotten from your research to the Launch Control skip tracer. You can simply enter vital information like address, name, and phone number and wait while the Launch Control skip tracer performs the magic.

Make Your Final Move

Voila! You have now obtained the complete profile of property owners within your area. This is where you make the move as an investor to start getting in touch with your target and close a good deal as soon as you possibly can.

Benefits of Using Launch Control Skip Tracing

Launch Control skip tracing real estate app gives you an edge over the market competition. In this section of our guide, we will be elaborating on a few benefits that you stand to gain from using skip tracing.

Reduced Competition

One of the interesting things to celebrate about using skip tracing applications is that it eludes you from the high market competition. Taking a close look at the real estate market, you’ll realize that the best home sale deals for investors come from distressed sellers who are willing to receive a fair offer just so they could escape foreclosure.

Skip tracing comes to play by helping you locate those sellers who are off the grid. Hence, you’re likely to be the only person making an offer to them.

Speed of Execution

One other marker that has kept skip tracing on top of the game in real estate is the speed of execution. So far, skip tracing is the fastest process of acquiring leads as an investor. Going about property research on your own could be exhausting, but with the intervention of skip tracing, you can easily crank out an organized list of prospects for quick engagement.

Vast Opportunity

Skip tracing can be of immense help to real estate investors in helping them get across to a broad range of potential clients. Home listing options provided by agents will often leave you to make one precise decision. With skip tracing, you can follow up on multiple leads at the press of a button.

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