What Makes the Best SMS Affiliate Program?


Running a company takes a lot of time and effort, but comes with a great reward. When you work on your own, you are responsible for keeping up on earnings and revenue. 

But when you work with an SMS affiliate program, you can help improve your bottom line without too much energy spent. 

If you’re already an influencer, a business coach, or successful podcaster, affiliating with Launch Control’s SMS program is a great way to passively earn some extra income.

How the SMS Affiliate Program at Launch Control Helps Your Business

At Launch Control, we’ve already become the best SMS marketing tool for real estate investors. And now we’re proud to offer the best affiliate program as well. As the highest SMS affiliate program in REI, we know how to help our affiliates get the most from our joint partnership. We understand the value your good word holds, and we care about your success as much as our own. When you sign up for our SMS affiliate program, you get a host of benefits that can grow your revenue and help you secure your expertise to your following.

Higher Revenue

When you refer Launch Control to your business partners or associates, you’re helping our company grow. And we appreciate that. That’s why Launch Control offers a higher revenue for our affiliates than other SMS affiliate programs. When you work as an affiliate for Launch Control, you get 15% of the monthly membership for every referral you sent our way. And that’s for the entire lifetime of that account. Even if you only have one referral, you’ll still get that 15% for however long they remain with Launch Control

Customized Affiliate Dashboard

Keeping track of your earnings, link clicks, and key metrics can help you understand how the Launch Control affiliate program is helping you. That’s why we provide a customized affiliate dashboard just for you and your business. Here you can check on your clicks, see your commissions, and generate full metrics reports. You’ll always be able to see how much you’re earning and where those earnings come from.

Promotional Marketing Tools

At Launch Control, we make it easy to be an affiliate. When you sign up, well send you all the marketing tools you’ll need to get started. This includes videos to post, email copies to send out, and banners to decorate your website with. These materials are connected directly to your account, so you can share them with your followers and business networks to start earning money right away. More than that, as an affiliate you’ll have access to our team of strategy masterminds, experts in the field of SMS marketing that can help you get the most from your affiliate program.


How Launch Control Helps Your Referrals

When you affiliate with a company, it’s important that you understand their product and believe in their work. Launch Control’s SMS engagement system has helped real estate investors connect with more leads than any other REI engagement on the market.

The Launch Control difference can help your followers and business associates get more SMS engagement with an easy to set up system and assistance from our Success Teams.

Our new hands-on approach to SaaS helps us create a comprehensive system. This provides easy SMS engagement and marketing assistance to our clients. Years of working in the REI industry have given us the knowledge needed to fine-tune the SMS approach for real estate. Our success teams work to build a routine that creates a lead conversion funnel and our network with top REIs nationwide provide additional support for clients in building up their business.


Join the Launch Control SMS Affiliate Program Today

Being an affiliate for Launch Control means providing a quality system and hands-on service to your connections while earning some passive income. With all the promotional materials you’ll need up front and a detailed affiliate dashboard to track your earnings on, Launch Control’s SMS affiliate program is designed to help you succeed. Sign up today to join our affiliate program and improve your business without distracting from the rest of your company.

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