Why You Should Use Real Estate SMS Marketing


Every real estate agent, broker, or property manager understands the importance of utilizing Real Estate SMS marketing with their potential clients. Just like other forms of communication, SMS marketing remains the easiest method of reaching out to your prospect and clients. Although we now live in an Internet era where we are already accustomed to emails and other digital forms of communication, real estate SMS marketing is one of the quickest forms of engaging with your target audience in the real estate industry. 


Anyone can receive a text message, glance through it, and become interested once it catches their attention. Besides, it has a high open-rate and can pass all the information your clients need about a particular property. However, there are more to these benefits. This article enlightens you on five reasons why you should use SMS Marketing for your real estate business


  1. Connects Instantly with Clients

Real estate SMS marketing connects you instantly with your prospective buyers. Unlike emails that have an open rate of 20%, SMS has a 98% open rate, thereby making it an effective method of reaching your target audience. Besides, your prospect or clients can stay updated with all the information you provide through text messages. Thanks to features such as shortcodes or keywords, potential buyers can acquire more information about properties within a specific location even before they schedule an appointment with you. They can receive automated responses upon inputting the appropriate code or keywords.  Even when you get few responses from your prospect, SMS marketing is a preferable option that makes you available anytime a prospect reaches out. 


  1. Obtains Data to Reach More Clients

The more you know your clients, the easier you understand their needs and connect with them. This is made possible with real estate SMS marketing. SMS marketing allows you to obtain specific information from your buyers. Here, you can upload a database that records all sorts of information such as the type of house they want, their living arrangements, their preferred locations, and financial positions. When you obtain these pieces of information, it is easy to personalize their messages and meet their needs. With the information, you can send follow-up messages of their preferred properties within your portfolio or offer them properties within their budget. This keeps them interested in your deals and prompts them to reach out to you when they want to. 


  1. Reach Out to your Clients Once

Real estate SMS marketing allows you to reach all your clients at once through a method called bulk text messaging. Bulk text messaging enables you to send messages to several prospects or clients at a reduced cost. Unlike the usual method, you spend less and can gain a high return on your investment. Besides, you get charged on the number of your recipients. In other words, you can plan your budget and derive results. If you want to send customized messages, you can categorize your recipients based on age, location, budget, or any other information before sending out your messages. To get started, ensure you use a web-based SMS software service such as Launch Control to actualize your campaign at an affordable rate. 


  1. Retains Information

Real estate SMS marketing allows clients to retain your information. Unlike emails that can get lost in the sea of newsletters or personal emails, SMS is an easy way to effectively reach your audience. Besides, there is no spam filter to block your message or junk folders that can delete your information. In one word, text messages connect to your potential buyers with ease and won’t get lost anyhow. This makes it more possible to engage with your audience.


  1. Set Reminders

As a realtor, you need to set reminders about some scheduled appointments. There is no better way of making this happen except real estate SMS marketing. Here, you can schedule text messages to remind your client about an activity. For instance, if you have discussed a home inspection with your client, SMS marketing enables you to schedule messages that remind them of such occasions.



Real estate SMS marketing offers realtors numerous advantages that can help them in their business. Get started with Launch Control today to get some of these benefits. 


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